Monday, 9 April 2007

Interestingly, I was speaking to a senior politician this morning and he asked me why I was still here AFTER SIX LONG YEARS. Over the holidays I have been looking at why I do this and I found this series of questions...
· do you have a clear sense of purpose;
· are you value driven;
· are you a strong role model;
· do you have high expectations;
· are you determined and persistent;
· are you self-knowing;
· are you a perpetual learner;
· do you love work;
· are you a life-long learner;
· are you a change agent;
· are you enthusiastic;
· are you able to attract and inspire others;
· are you strategic;
· are you a effective communicator;
· are you emotionally mature;
· are you courageous;
· are you a risk-taker;
· are you a risk-sharer;
· are you a visionary;
· are you unwilling to believe in failure;
· do you have a sense of public need;
· are you considerate of the personal needs of colleagues;
· do you listen to all viewpoints to develop spirit of cooperation;
· are you a great mentor and coach;
· are you able to deal with complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity.

How many of these can you say YES to?