Friday, 22 August 2008

Our Key Stage 4 performance has increased yet again, particularly the percentage of young people achieving 5 A* - C grades which increased by nearly 6% and those achieving 1A*-G grade which increased by over 1%...

There were some brilliant results at Garforth, St Mary's, Horsforth and Morley High with extraordinary improvements at Lawnswood, John Smeaton, Morley High, West Leeds, Brigshaw, Bruntcliffe and Rodillian and real improvements across most of our secondary provision. This year was a real team effort!

Of the 14 schools below Government's new 2011 floor target of 30% achieving 5A*-C including English & mathematics, only 7 schools remain.
  • Carr Manor (29.7)
  • Intake (19.9)
  • Parklands (19.0)
  • Primrose (18.7)
  • South Leeds (10.4)
  • Wortley (25)
  • City of Leeds, although we do not have the figure, their 5+A*-C is 29.7, so they cannot get above 30%.

The provisional GCSE results show that the % achieving 5A*-C grades has increased by over 5.9% to 62.9%, the % achieving 5A*-C including English and mathematics has increased by 4.2% to 47.7% and those achieving at least something has gone up to 97.8% an increase of about 1.1%.

Over the last seven wonderful years here in Leeds so many people said that it couldn't be done; that we couldn't achieve great results, that our young people weren't able to rise to the challenge. These results, once again, prove the sceptics wrong and shows what can be achieved with dynamic leadership, relevant curriculum pathways and an engaging offer, great teaching, powerful student tracking, detailed monitoring and support and strong systems of positive discipline and rewards. We send our congratulations to all those brilliant, talented, gorgeous and wonderful colleagues who have made this possible and achieved this fantastic team effort and some remarkable outcomes for young people across Leeds.

There are no excuses; the challenge for us all is to continue to learn from the best. Here in Leeds at John Smeaton, David Young, Garforth, Horsforth, Morley High, St Mary's and wherever else it is. We then need to build these characteristics consistently and powerfully across all our provision to ensure that we drive transformational change and continue to achieve the step change in outcomes necessary to secure the economic and social well-being of individuals, families and the City of Leeds.

Their is no magic ingredient just blood, sweat, tears and sheer hard work but on a day like today you know that it is worth it!