Sunday, 11 February 2007

Weekends are great but half-terms are better...

I don't know about you but half-terms give me a chance to catch up and to think. We are all racing towards the end of the next week, the next big thing, the next project, the next plan, the next inspection and what we have all lost sight of is what it is all about. It's all papers and e-mails and strategies and meetings and we never get the chance to think about the real business... the learning business. We must all sit down and think and listen and reflect and re-imagine.

That's what I'll be doing over half-term.


htsal said...

I know everyone is bright and has a talent but today mine seems to be ...letting the builders into school and making tea, pulling the melted plastic off the cutlery that survived the dishwasher disaster, clearing the stinking fridge in the staffroom..oh and telling the builders about the mini digger taking up permanent residence locally. Just going to give my fingernails another coating before getting to the inspirational bit.

set said...

a mini digger,that sounds cool. forget the cutlery. If it's got plastic stuck to it then it'll never be the same again. As when you try waxing it you can never get back that full on metallic shine.

A mini digger though is something else. Tell the builders that unless they teach you how to use it you'll have it torched or something. Then, once they've refused to show you how on health and safety grounds, insist they take it for a spin on the school field and create a really useful eco-zone or some kind of amphitheatre. You can stand on a chair and direct them like some old general. It'll be fun and a manicure feels so much better after a bit of terraforming (charge it to ed leeds, chris won't mind?)

Forget the fridge, it's really not what you're paid to do.