Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Danielle Brearley, one of my colleagues in the fantastic Communications Team here at Education Leeds, had a meeting with the people from Martin House last week and thought we might like to know what they had to say...

They were so happy with the fundraising we'd done so far for them, and the amount of Leeds schools that had come on board. What was noticeable was that they are so excited about the over £13,000 we've raised for them so far. To them, it's a great deal of money and they can do some absolutely amazing things with it for their children and young people, and their families.

Danielle also wanted to let me know in advance what the plans for the next campaign are. We are going to be promoting their lottery scheme, which costs £1 a week, with weekly prizes of £1000, £200, £100 and 20x £10. You can join for a set number of weeks, or set up a standing order or direct debit for a year, and it costs just £4.34 a month. You can also buy someone a certificate for the lottery as a gift. We're going to be promoting this to EL staff and schools, and the money from everyone who joins will go towards our total.

It's fantastic to know that we are making a real difference for some of the most special children in Yorkshire! Please buy a lottery ticket.

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