Friday, 11 May 2007

I started the day at Whingate Primary School. I had been invited to their Key Stage 1 celebration assembly...

Whingate Primary School is a great school with a fantastic young team and I was there to present certificates to a group of parents who had completed the volunteering course my colleague Jane Haswell has developed and which now can be accredited through the Open College Network. The parenting programmes in Leeds are brilliant and reaching groups of mums who missed out on qualifications and courses at school and it is wonderful to see and celebrate their successses. Jane will send me some photos of the group next week.

Stuart Myers and his team have really transformed things over the last two years. This is a great school doing some really good things. What makes Whingate Primary School such a good school?
  • a young and talented teaching team;
  • strong and passionate leadership across the school;
  • inspiring teaching within a positive learning environment;
  • high expectations of every child and the whole learning team; and
  • some great young people!

Stuart and his team are doing a great job and have created a fantastic learning environment for the children.

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