Monday, 28 May 2007

It’s funny how hectic the end of half terms are… it seems that we build to an amazing and wonderful climax every six to eight weeks and it’s fantastic! This half term has been no different and last week alongside the usual stuff I was touched by some incredible people and some wonderful places.

It’s easy in a large and complex organisation to forget what really matter and to believe that some things are simply impossible. As I keep reminding you, everything is possible if you simply believe. The impossible simply needs to be broken down into bite size chunks and while few of us have the power to change the world each of us can change a small bit of our world for the better… as Robert Kennedy said “ It is from numberless small acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped.”

So what’s the recipe for success…
¨ Be passionate;
¨ Inspire others;
¨ Practice self-belief;
¨ Do more;
¨ Take risks;
¨ Persevere; and
¨ Be generous.

Have a great what’s left of half-term…
Keep the faith!

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