Thursday, 13 March 2008

I started the day early at Carr Manor High School...

I have gone to present Simon Flowers, the headteacher, with the award the PFI building had received at the Leeds Architecture Awards 2007.

It's a great place and the sheer energy and enthusiasm that hits you is impressive. I was there to film some material for our new Education Leeds DVD and even the camera crew were wowed by the place! Simon and his colleagues are doing an amazing job in a challenging and complex context and importantly achieving brilliant outcomes. What makes this school special...
  • strong, disciplined, focused and passionate leadership;
  • clear, shared vision, values and beliefs;
  • a talented, energetic, enthusiastic and creative team;
  • empowered, trusted and disciplined colleagues;
  • stimulating, exciting and engaging work;
  • a powerful, stimulating and interesting learning environmen
  • high shared expectations;
  • strong, dynamic and meaningful relationships;
  • high engagement and involvement of young people.

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