Thursday, 22 May 2008

Do you want to link up with colleagues in Sweden and Finland?

We have been working with colleagues in Stockholm for a couple of years and recently the relationship has further developed to include Helsinki to create a three city programme which we have agreed will focus in the first instance on leadership development, ICT development and cultural and language development as well as developing school links.

Interestingly, while Finland is the most successful country in Europe in terms of literacy, mathematics and science outcomes both at age 11 and at age 16 and while Sweden is highly successful in terms of personalisation, culture, and engaging young people, both of these great cities feel that they can learn from what we are doing here in Leeds... AND we all know that can certainly learn from practice in Stockholm and Finland.

We see these initiatives as learning opportunities and we are hoping to connect the best of Leeds with the best of Stockholm and Helsinki. We believe that this will help us continue to drive up standards and outcomes for all our young people.

We recognise that colleagues are busy and that initiatives and opportunities drop on your desktop everyday but if anyone is interested in getting involved in this really exciting, creative and powerful initiative please let me know.

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