Friday, 2 May 2008

Last week

I saw Sylvie Guillem dance again on Friday evening. She was dancing with Russell Maliphant in “Push” at the Lowry in Manchester and once again it was incredible … her power, control, movement and magic were simply breathtaking … and for 90 minutes this talented, brilliant, gorgeous and wonderful woman touched and enriched my life.

Who else touched my life last week? Amongst the meetings, the routines, the paperwork, the trivia and the hassle, I had my own magic moments. I attended the opening of the brilliant new building at John Smeaton Community College, where John Daulby, Marilyn Steele and a fantastic team have created something really special. I visited Guiseley School where Paul Morrisey and his team are doing a great job. Paul had arranged for two of his sixth formers to give me a tour of the school and I met his wonderful CHIPS team of peer mentors. I also visited Oulton Primary School where Maria Townsend and her team are releasing the magic at this wonderful little primary school.

What connects John, Marilyn, Paul and Maria is their commitment, passion, energy, determination and hard work which are touching, shaping and changing lives in these three schools. I am also grateful to those colleagues who have in their very special ways supported me over the last few weeks.
Keep the faith.

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