Wednesday, 16 July 2008

My colleague Richard M. Boughey our Service Delivery and Transformation Manager sent me this after his visit to the LGI...

"Hello Chris, Patricia Rose and I had the chance to visit the LGI School today and I was really impressed, as ever, with the amazing work that goes on across all Leeds schools! We had a great time working with a pupil doing a science experiment to determine acidity and alkalinity of three mysterious liquids, did maths exercises on the interactive whitboard, and had a go with kar2ouche. As ever the excitement of the pupils, parents, and staff and in this case the nursing staff from the hospital was invigorating and I'll try to keep this in mind through the more challenging moments of our work. Thanks. Richard"

It is wonderful to know that wherever our children are in Leeds including the hospitals they can have access to inspiring and engaging teaching and learning.


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