Thursday, 14 August 2008

Today we have the AS/A2 results published and once again our young people have achieved some fantastic results...

The provisional results, whixch are not yet complete, show that the %A grades has increased by over 1% to 17.9% and the overall pass rate has gone up to 95.9% and increase of about 3%. Once again this year the points per student has fallen but the points per entry has increased suggesting that we are entering young people for fewer subjects where they are doing better.

Schools that have achieved great results this year include:
  • Abbey Grange CE High School;
  • Benton Park High School;
  • Crawshaw High School
  • Guiseley School;
  • Horsforth School;
  • Prince Henry's Grammar School;
  • St Mary's RC High School.

We have also seen real progress at the following schools:

  • Allerton High School;
  • Brigshaw High School;
  • Bruntcliffe High School;
  • Priesthorpe High School;
  • Rodillian High School;
  • Wetherby High School.

Most of the remaining sixth forms are very small.


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