Thursday, 22 January 2009

My colleagues Linda Sibbons one of our Primary Strategy Advisers and School Improvement Partners sent me this e-mail about the work she has been doing with Hollybush Primary School...

"Hi Chris, We had a very successful Taster Twilight for Head teachers and Senior Leaders at Hollybush Primary School last night. Around 50 people attended from a wide range of schools across the city to find out how Learning Walks can be used for more than simply monitoring. Hollybush generously invited everyone to take a Learning Walk around school and 'test a hypothesis' around the quality of the maths learning environment. Everyone was bowled over by the beautiful building (naturally!) but equally by the quality of the environment in each classroom and in shared areas and by the way the building has been so well respected in the three years since it opened. Danny Kenny had only been in place for 12 days as new head teacher and was very pleased at the response of his head teacher colleagues. Kathleen Alderson, the deputy, gave a very good presentation about the impact of Learning Walks and the Subject Leaders for Maths and Literacy took everyone round the school. I know you are visiting Hollybush in the next few weeks and know too that you will be pleased to hear what a brilliant contribution they are making. Best wishes, Linda."

It is great to hear from colleagues about some of the great things that are happening across Leeds.

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