Friday, 27 February 2009

My colleague Jane Fisher who works at Hovingham Primary School let me know that her class are blogging again...

"Dear Chris, I thought I should write and let you know that I have started to blog again!
You may recall that I had a blog, but an unsigned complaint about the 'next blog' facility meant that I gave up and started our website. Over half term I had a meeting with the Yorkshire and Humberside Grid for Learning and they have set us up a blog, which I have linked to our website. It has no advertising and no next blog..... fanastic!
This time the children in the class have usernames and passwords as authors and so they will be writing it! We have just started it today! Yorkshire and Humberside Grid for Learning are going to do a project with us, giving me £2000 which we are going use to get netbooks in the class, so that a group of children can write on to the blog together. We are looking at the impact on writing. I'm sure it will be a great motivator, and I'm sure to it will be good for building home school relationships as parents can join in and comment. Best regards. Jane"

Jane is doing fantastic things at Hovingham and this initiative will further develop some great work with some wonderul young people. Why not visit the website and the blog!

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