Monday, 9 February 2009

My colleague Tracy Waud sent me this e-mail...

"Chris, Yesterday I attended the Parish Church of St Mary at Whitkirk to celebrate Education Sunday as the choir of Colton Primary School had been invited to sing. They are a very small choir (7 or 8 members) comprised of children from both key stages but despite this they filled the church with beautiful singing! Before the service they stood at the front of the church and sang-performing all songs with actions-all the children looked really smart in their school uniforms and were a real credit to themselves, the school and in a wider sense were ambassadors for Leeds without even realising it! During the service they sat with the church choir at the back of the church and gave a subtle and moving performance during the communion. The sermon focused on the days off school lost to the snow last week and the children were asked whether they were pleased (of course they were all delighted as they had been sledging etc). The preacher was a teacher, his school twinned with a school in Sri Lanka where the children who do attend have to buy their own text books, exercise books, pencils etc-and would be really disappointed to miss even a day off, education being the only tool to improve their outcomes in life. We were reminded how lucky our children are to have such good quality teaching and learning-which many children in the developing world just don't have. I'm personally not a church go-er, but when the preacher asked people to stand if they were in any way connected to education-I stood up and felt really proud to be a small part of what we do here-and of course I was immensely proud of my daughter for representing the school so well. Regards Tracy."

It's wonderful to hear about little bits of real magic like this.


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