Friday, 27 March 2009

My colleague Bernadette Youing, headteacher at Royd's School, sent me some great news about her students and Rock Challenge...

AS you probably know, Rock Challenge is for students and their teachers to create and be involved in their own production from conceptualisation through to the live performance. The challenge is also to be the best that they can without the use of nicotine, alcohol or other drugs, and there are penalties for anyone who fails that challenge on any event day and for their team too.

"Dear Chris, Months of hard work and dedication went in to this year's Rock Challenge. A student committee was set up in September. The committee chose the theme, researched around the theme selected the music tracks and begun to choreograph the piece. They then held the auditions to select the team which was not just about how well they could dance but on how well they worked as a team during the auditions so that everyone had an equal and fair opportunity. This gave us the best group of students to work with. On Wednesday 25th March 75 students headed off to St George's Hall in Bradford for a day of fun and performing. The students were true Embassadors for Royds, they were encouraging and friendly to students from other schools as well as each other when the nerves kicked in. Their performance in the evening was extremely professional and resulted in them being placed third. They were also successful in being awarded Student Leadership, Best Lighting Design and the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council award for Performance Skill. Overall this year was a fantastic success with many students becoming much more confident and having improved self esteem. Although it was a late evening and a long drive back home, it was fantastic and so pleasing to see the enjoyment of all youngsters, from all schools. The atmosphere was great!! I wish a chauffeur came with the job!!! Bernadette."

It's great to hear about events like this where, supported by brilliant colleagues, our young people excel and show the world what they are capable of.

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