Thursday, 7 May 2009

My colleague Stuart Myers, headteacher at Whingate Primary School, sent me this....

"Chris, In the Sunday Times at the weekend there was a feature on the big changes in 1989 and the impact these have had on the last 20 years. I was appointed to my first headship at Kirkstall in 1989. I have certainly seen some changes in schools since then!
I imagine you still get plenty of complaining e-mails, so just thought I would let you know that Whingate is a great school to learn and work and I am enjoying Headship now more than ever - even after doing this sort of thing for 20 years! All the best. Stuart"

I am constantly amazed by my colleagues. Hard to believe that Stuart has been a headteacher for 20 years and more importantly that he is enjoying headship more than ever! It is easy to moan about our work but we have seen such enormous changes over the last twenty years and the learning landscape for our children has been transformed. It is of course the best job in the world and the difference colleagues like Stuart are making across Leeds is simply wonderful.

The future's bright, the future is at Whingate in the morning... which after all is why Stuart and his colleagues are there!

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