Sunday, 26 July 2009

It doesn't matter where we look - school, classroom, staffroom, organisation, team, office - we need to ask ourselves the following questions...
  • 'what are our strengths?'
  • 'what are our weaknesses?'
  • 'what does brilliant learning in brilliant learning places look like?'
  • 'what do the pieces of the brilliant jigsaw puzzle look like?'
  • 'where is it happening?'
  • 'where are our stars?'
  • 'which teams are releasing the magic?
  • 'which individuals are releasing the magic?'
  • 'can we share and learn from what we know works?'
  • 'can we share and learn from what we know doesn't work?'
  • 'how do we learn from our mistakes?'
  • 'how can we turn our challenges and opportunities into adventures for our colleagues?'
  • 'how can we give individuals and team opportunities to experiment, explore and take risks?'
How do we continue to build brilliant in a changing world?
All comments, suggestions and advice welcome.

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