Friday, 25 September 2009

I finished the day at the 'Spirit Awards' at the Civic Hall...

Faye Mallinson and her colleagues from our Communications Team had done a brilliant job preparing for these awards and it was great to see so many colleagues talking, sharing, networking and having a really good time. Faye and her colleagues had worked really hard to bring a sparkle at the venue and to make the awards go so well.

The winners of the second 'Spirit Awards' recognising brilliant colleagues and teams in the eight categories were:

CATEGORY: Putting customers first:
WINNER: Jenny Marshall and Deborah Harper

CATEGORY: Looking after Leeds
WINNER: Heather EyreCATEGORY: Health and Wellbeing:
WINNER: Adele BaranCATEGORY: Personal Achievement:
WINNER: Wendy Winterburn

CATEGORY: Leader of the Year:
WINNER: Alex McLeod

CATEGORY: Treating people fairly:
WINNER: Abdul JallohCATEGORY: Colleague of the year:
WINNER: Louise Montgomery
CATEGORY: Team of the year:
WINNER: The Visually Impaired Team

Everyone who was nominated received a certificate and all those shortlisted were recognised at the ceremony. These are some amazing colleagues and teams who have achieved great things this year and it was brilliant to see their work recognised like this.

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