Sunday, 6 December 2009

My colleague Ken Campbell, Stepping Stones Programme Manager in the Aimhigher team here at Education Leeds sent me this...

"Hi Chris, I am attaching a letter from Sophia, a former pupil of Parklands HS. The experience of attending the programmes at Derek Fatchett, supported by undergraduates from Leeds University, has quite literally changed her life. Sophia writes...

"I have been attending the Stepping Stones mentoring project at Derek Fatchett CLC for 3 years now and I’m sad it’s ended. It has helped me in so many ways that I have the confidence that I can do the best in many exams and achieve the grades I need to help me go further in my life. It has also helped me make new friends and try things I would never have wanted to try without the support from the mentoring team. Visiting Herd Farm helped me learn cooking skills which have been helpful to me in later life. Also I am doing my Duke of Edinburgh. I am on my Silver Level as I have completed my Bronze the second time we tried. I have learned not to give up but keep trying and you will succeed in the end. Also it has helped me build team work skills, as I was not very good at it at first, but now I can say I am quite good now."

Sophia thoroughly enjoyed the residential summer school and will be our guest at our annual summer school evening on 21st January when she will describe her 'journey' and the benefits of summer school. I hope that Dinneka will also come along to give her perspective on first term at university. I am also inviting students and carers from other West Yorkshire authorities as well as reps from the universities.Best wishes, Ken."

It is wonderful to hear from some of our young people that the programmes we are delivering are making a difference and helping young people like Sophia and Dinneka achieve their potential.

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