Tuesday, 15 December 2009

My colleague Tracy Waud sent me this wonderful e-mail...

"Dear Chris, Colton Primary School choir were invited to sing at an event at Temple Newsam House last Friday evening and I went along accompanying my daughter Alix, who is in the choir. The event was attended by and for 'Friends of Temple Newsam' so there were lots of people there. The children were dressed very smartly in their school uniforms and every single child behaved impeccably and were fantastic ambassadors for the school. They sang several traditional christmas songs to live keyboard music and more modern ones to a recording which they had previously sung in their school play. The recording did keep hiccuping but like true professionals they didnt let it phase them and they just carried on regardless, much to the amusement of everyone there. Sarah Haasz, one of the teachers at the school put together the choir and continues to support it both in and out of school by giving up her own time. It was just lovely to see the efforts continuing to bear fruit. I was so proud of my daughter and all of the children and I wanted to share this with you. Tracy."

Colton Primary School is a great little school and it's great to hear about the wonderful things our schools and colleagues are doing to release the magic.

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