Tuesday, 19 January 2010

More great news...

Barry Hilton, leader of the Leeds Mentoring Team sent me this e-mail after Education Leeds Performance Management team forwarded him the analysis of last years school mentoring programme and it's brilliant news...

"Dear Chris, Over the last year nearly 4,000 young people (14 – 19 years old) most from disadvantaged backgrounds received 1 – 1 mentor support. The analysis covered 1634 Year 11 students. 43.3% of these students are from homes within the bottom 10% of the Index of Multiple deprivation and 23.2% of students were on school action+ or statemented. The value added for these 1634 Year 11 students was 1019 and mentoring adds on average 5 to 6 extra GCSE A* - C grades per mentored student. 6.3% of students who were predicted NOT to gain 5A* - C’s gained them. Exceptional value added results applied to Looked After Children (1007) and young people on the BME Junior Windsor Fellowship (1028)."

We know that having a mentor makes a real difference to student outcomes and this data proves it. There are over 16000 young people in Key Stage 4 across the city and we need to ensure that every one of them who will benefit has a mentor.

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