Monday, 11 January 2010

My colleague Wendy Winterburn sent me this e-mail and the photo she received from Jayne Robinson, Headteacher at the Key Stage 3 PRU...

"Hi Chris, I tried to send this photo to your blog but I need to go on a course!!

The Key Stage 3 Pupil Referral Units were open for business all week despite the horror stories of their journeys to work. Wendy. PS All the PRU's were open all week."

Most of our provision has managed to stay open despite the worst weather conditions in 30 years and it is brilliant to hear about the way colleagues are keeping the show on the road against the odds. Congratulations to Jayne and her team at the Key Stage 3 PRU! These are extraordinary times and most of us can't remember a January like this. Please send in your pictures in jpeg format and I'll put them on the blog.


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