Wednesday, 24 February 2010

I started the day at the 'Healthy Schools and Well-being' Celebration at Elland Road...

Eighty of our schools were represented at this wonderful event involving our primary schools, secondary schools and SILCs: extra-ordinary places committed to developing and improving the health and well-being of every child and every young person. We celebrated:
  • 4 schools who had achieved 'Advanced Healthy School' status;
  • 25 schools who had achieved 'National Healthy School' status;
  • 17 schools who had achieved 'Investors in Pupils';
  • 26 schools who were pilots for our 'Sustainable School' status;
  • 3 'Smoke Free Schools'.
We also recognised the achievements of some brilliant colleagues who had completed the PSHE CPD programme and others who were working as PSHE mentors.

We want every child to be happy, healthy, safe and successful in our schools and it is a truly remarkable achievement by Anne Cowling and her colleagues that over 97% of the schools in Leeds have now achieved 'National Healthy School' status. The challenges we face around child obesity, mental health, sexual health, poor diets and poor activity levels require us to continue to work to ensure that health and well-being lie at th heart of what we do here in Leeds.

We all need to get involved and get our children and young people involved by embedding 'Health and Well-being', becoming a 'Sustainable School', becoming an 'Investor in Pupils', adopting "Spirit Alive' and signing up for this years 'Be Healthy Be Creative Challenge 2010.

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