Thursday, 1 April 2010


My colleague Jane Kaye, Senior Support Assistant at ArtForms sent me some brilliant news...

"Dear Chris, As you are no doubt aware, ArtForms Music has recently been judged to be an 'outstanding music service'. Following a detailed review of ArtForms Music's self-evaluation, the moderators decided that the department was 'outstanding' in 10 out of 12 areas and 'good' in the other two. 82% of our music lessons were judged to be good or above (national average is 75%) They concluded that 'the range and breadth of provision is truly impressive with activities provided for three-year-olds to those beyond pensionable age'. The evaluators observed several of our City of Leeds Youth Music Groups and were very impressed by the musical standard on show . In particular they noted that 'the skills and musicianship demonstrated by the Youth Percussion Ensemble were not only outstanding but breathtaking'. All the best and have a lovely holiday. Jane"

I am a passionate advocate of the arts in all its forms and it is wonderful to hear that the music service here in Leeds is outstanding with aspects that are simply breathtaking.

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