Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Micklefield Magic!!

I ended the day with a little bit of Micklefield magic...

I had been invited by my colleague Gillian Dodsworth, the headteacher, to the celebration evening for the new learning environment at Micklefield CE Primary School. The school has been completely transformed since my last visit to their Open Evening in September 2008. I met Melissa last time I visited the school and it was great to meet her again. She is now in Year 6 and heading off to Garforth Community College after the Summer.

It was incredible to see what has been achieved at the school and to see that the brilliant team are releasing a quite extra-ordinary magic. Jacob and Jordan were my wonderful guides this time and great adverts for the school as they took me on a whistle stop tour and told me everything I needed to know about Micklefield CE Primary School. I also met Maggie, who is the crossing patrol lady as well as being the school cook, and the sort of fantastic person who makes a school come alive within its community... I must go back for a school dinner!

Micklefield Primary Church of England Primary School is a small village school, situated in the centre of Micklefield with wonderful views across open fields. The school has developed some brilliant facilities and Gillian and her colleagues have created a wonderful learning environment which is bright, attractive and really well resourced. The school is very obviously a safe, happy and successful learning place providing fantastic opportunities to release the magic in each and every one of its little learners.

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