Thursday, 17 June 2010

I moved on to visit Highfield Primary School...

Highfield Primary School is a very good school and Julie Colley, the new headteacher, is building on the achievements of her predecessor to create an outstanding school that caters for the needs of an increasingly diverse community. It was great to walk around this expanding school with Julie and meet some of her colleagues and see the quality of provision and the wonderful learning environment these talented colleagues have developed for their fantastic children. We all know that the key to building and maintaining a great school is to ensure that everyone is happy, healthy, safe and increasingly successful and it is very obvious that Julie and her colleagues are releasing a very special kind of magic at Highfield Primary School.

Visits like this always make me think about the ingredients of such a brilliant learning place? The answers...
  • strong, focused and passionate leadership;
  • a talented, energetic and enthusiastic team;
  • clear values and beliefs driving the work of the school;
  • a focus on standards, behaviour and discipline;
  • great teaching within an attractive and stimulating learning environment;
  • high expectations and hard work!

This is a wonderful team doing a brilliant job and together they are building something really special at Highfield Primary School.


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