Tuesday, 22 June 2010

My colleague Paul Brennan, who heads up our school improvemnet teams sent me this after his meeting with over 200 primary headteachers and senior staff last week...

"Chris, After being asked by me at the Headteacher seminar at Elland Road on Tuesday last week; 'What are the key things that you want to hold onto as we move forward beyond April 2011?' and 'What things are most valued, must continue, are not up for sale?' They replied:
1. A SIP role whereby the SIP is a part of the Leeds learning community.
2. Support for schools such as the CPD that is currently provided by Education Leeds.
3. "United we stand...." We want our local authority to thrive as we are part of it and being a part of it is vital in supporting us as headteachers as we face the pressures and challenges and continue to be at the heart of strong local communities.
Take care, Paul"

As we face the challenges ahead, and re-imagine and re-engineer the future of children's services here in Leeds, this is a great message from a brilliant group of colleagues.

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