Wednesday, 21 July 2010

I also attended the Council's Executive Board with my colleague Dirk Gilleard to gain approval for the latest batch of reports. Councillors on the Executive Board approved all our proposals so we can now get on with the real work...

They agreed our proposals to turn Primrose High School into an Academy sponsored by the Co-op and supported by the Leeds City College, to turn Parklands Girls High School into a mixed Academy sponsored by E-ACT and to establish City of Leeds as a 11-16 school with strong new governance, powerful leadership and a relentless and uncompromising focus on great teaching to achieve a step-change in outcomes and results. All three schools will be monitored, challenged and supported through this next transitional period to ensure that we provide the environment where young people thrive as learners, achieve brilliant outcomes and reach their potential... whatever it takes! The Executive Board also agreed changes to admission numbers for primary schools to contain our rising primary population.

I am grateful to colleagues, partners, sponsors and everyone who has worked to achieve these outcomes. As always, our challenge now is to deliver!

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