Thursday, 26 August 2010

I met Jon Lees today...

Jon works for Specialist Education Services, an organisation providing specialised education and residential care throughout Norfolk and the wider UK. Specialist Education Services is a company with high aspirations and an inspiring vision about how to meet the learning and care needs of children with severe and complex behavioural, emotional and social difficulties, and specific learning difficulties. Jon has been involved with The National Association of BESD Schools (NAES) since 1998, becoming Eastern Region Representative on the National Committee in 2002. From 1996 Jon was Vice Chair of NAES, becoming Chair in 2008. Jon worked in mainstream education and was involved in the development of a co-educational residential BESD school where he was promoted to senior teacher, he worked as Deputy Head resurrecting another BESD residential/day school where he than went on to be Headteacher consolidating and further developing successful practice. I met John earlier in the year at a Ken Robinson event and Jon wanted to talk to me about the work he is doing to develop and support the national network of BESD provision across the country. It was wonderful to share ideas with Jon about the work we are doing with behaviour and how we could connect to the very best practice to continue to develop and improve what we do here in Leeds.

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