Saturday, 6 November 2010


Yesterday, I started the day early at Queensway Primary School...

My colleague Gail Palmer-Smeaton, headteacher at this great little school, had asked me to come in and talk to the children in their aspirational assembly. The building looks fantastic with its new entrance and the new Children's Centre and Gail and the team are releasing a very special kind of magic. I talked to the children about the keys to success; self-belief, practice and hard work and I also got the chance to walk around the school to see things in action. The learning environment, the relationships and the sense of purpose around the school was wonderful with everyone working hard to ensure that everyone is happy, healthy, safe and increasingly successful... the children, the learning team and the parents and carers. We all need to develop this 'can do' culture to release the incredible potential and the magic in our children and our colleagues! 

It was great to visit the school again. This is a wonderful little school with a great team led by an inspirational headteacher who together have built something really special.


Queensway said...

Thank you so much Chris for your visit - you always release your own special magic so please continue to call in future times.

Love all at Queensway

Chris'Blog said...

Dear Gail,
It has been a real privilege to work with you and your team who are doing such great things and releasing real magic.
I will keep in touch.