Thursday, 16 December 2010


My colleague Debbie Hawkins, Community Co-ordinator at Cookridge Primary School sent me this update about their bluebell planting...

Dear Chris, On Friday 10th December, Cookridge Primary School's Year 4 pupils walked to Breary Marsh to meet Steve Clavering, Leeds City Council Parks and Countryside Ranger and his colleagues, Graham and Jackie where they had organised a morning's Bluebell planting. With the council creating a new path through the woods for easier access, it had meant digging up the existing bluebell bulbs from the proposed path and relocating them. With the plants already dug up and put in pots, Steve now had some 200 pots for us to replant! Armed with spades and gloves, the children set to work and work they did! They dug holes, took out the bluebells from the pots and planted them near the pathway heading towards Paul's Pond. They planted all 200 pots within one and a half hours! The weather was mild at a balmy 5 degrees and with the snow melting, were able to dig fairly easily. The children loved it and wanted to carry on! Covered in mud, tired, but happy we said goodbye to Steve, Graham and Jackie and walked back to Cookridge Primary School, looking forward for a revisit in May to see the new carpet of bluebells that we have created and to be able to say "We did that!" Many thanks, Debbie."

It is great to see the difference Debbie's work is making in the community and through some small but significant steps they are building brilliant.

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