Friday, 10 December 2010


I started the day on Wednesday at Ralph Thoresby High School...

I wanted to visit Ralph Thoresby High School because it is another of our great success stories. Stuart Hemingway, the headteacher, and his team have done a great job and the PFI building is specatacular with the banners and the light and colour and space as you walk through the school. It was wonderful to see the school again and to talk to Stuart and Billy Flynn, the chair of the governing body, about what has been achieved and their aspirations for the school.

As I walked around the school I realised once again what we have achieved with the learning landscape and the step change in outcomes we've achieved for our young people. Ralph Thoresby is another of our real success stories and shows what can be done with vision, passion, belief and hard work.

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Hi Chris, great to see you featuring a local school on your website :)