Wednesday, 3 January 2007

2 January 2007

This is going to be another interesting year… a year full of opportunities for those who believe they can make a difference. It is important that we all understand that organisational leadership begins with personal leadership. You can’t be great at what you do unless you feel great about yourself. You can’t be the source of positivity and support that I need you to be unless you are positive and optimistic about yourself and the future. You must enjoy yourself while you chase success… you must look after yourself… you must read good books and be inspired. You must continue to learn and continue to improve and develop your talents, your abilities and your skills.

We must all remember some of the key messages so that we nurture the magic, develop the creative edge, foster imagination and keep all our colleagues happy, healthy, safe and successful… whatever it takes.

In case you’ve forgotten the key messages…
¨ Focus and work hard but also remember to regularly take a break;
¨ Read lots and learn from everything you do;
¨ Celebrate other people’s achievements and always say thank you;
¨ Share your experiences, your learning and your successes;
¨ Reduce the paper and clean up the clutter;
¨ Be positive and don’t dwell on the negatives;
¨ Never lie about anything important.

And when the going gets tough:
¨ Smile, laugh at life and search for ways to have fun;
¨ Breathe deeply, stretch and exercise regularly;
¨ Get enough sleep and always count your blessings.

Happy New Year

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