Friday, 5 January 2007

Schools are amazing places.... I went to Carr Manor High School today to meet Martin Wainwright from the Guardian newspaper. Martin is writing an article for the Guardian on PfI schools and we wanted to take Martin to an example of PfI at its best. Martin was shown around the school by a group of students and Simon Flowers, the headteacher. The students told Martin that it's an amazing building and it's true. Our partners from Investors in the Community (IiC) have worked with us to create something incredible for the community. And to dispel the myths about PfI, the school is open seven days a week ...on Saturday it's a Music Centre and Sunday it's a church! IiC are working with us creatively and imaginatively to look at regeneration and community engagement and involvement. Carr Manor High School is an example of real partnership working to create synergy and achieve a step-change in outcomes for young people and their families. How come it works so well? Perhaps it's all about leadership, relationships, trust and partnership. Perhaps it's all about focus, rigour, passion and commitment. Perhaps it's all about special people who are driven to do the very best for a wonderful group of young people. What is very evident is that Simon and his team supported by IiC and their partners and colleagues from Education Leeds are doing a fantastic job and have created a brilliant learning place which is a model for the future.

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