Tuesday, 30 January 2007

And talking of amazing colleagues...

I had breakfast today with some of our headteacher colleagues from the TempleNewsam Halton Family of Schools... it would be very interesting to add up the years of experience in the room and the depth of understanding of the real issues we are facing. We talked about the characteristics of brilliant provision and how schools could maintain their focus with too many intiatives, too many pots of money to chase, too many consultants and experts and too much constant change. We talked about the importance of confident, self-critical and reflective practitioners who understood the learning process. We talked about confident, passionate and dynamic leaders who had a clear view of what was needed to drive change and achieve that step change in outcomes we alll want to see. And we talked about the children and young people for whom success cannot be measured by Level 4 outcomes or 5 A*-C Grades at GCSE .

We need to talk more, to share more, to network more and to celebrate more.
It's great to talk.

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