Thursday, 1 February 2007

So what is it that makes a great school...

I started my day at 7.45 at Stanningley Primary School... breakfast club, governors sub-committee meeting, assembly and a tour of the school. It has changed incredibly since my last visit a couple of years ago and now has the WOW factor. Jackie Reid, the headteacher, and her brillaint, talented, gorgeous and wonderful colleagues have worked miracles with the buildings and the atmosphere and the focus and purpose and the children.. and things are fantastic.

Stanningley Primary School is one of those wonderful little places that are doing most things right... doing something wonderful, something magical, something we can all learn from. By the way the highlight of the visit wasn't breakfast with thirty children eating piles of toast and bowls of coco-pops and telling me about their wonderful school but the assembly which year six had arranged and managed. In particular, the reception children did a dance routine... bollywood style... and it was one of those precious moments when you wished you had a video camera and could capture it forever... the energy, the determination, the joy and the sheer impact on everyone in the school hall was simply amazing... if I didn't believe in magic before I saw it I do now.

We are so lucky in Leeds to have so many great schools... brilliant learning places making a real difference for children, families and communities and Stanningley Primary School, thanks to Jackie and her colleagues, is certainly one of them.

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