Thursday, 25 January 2007

"The main characteristics of effective leadership are intelligence, integrity, loyalty, mystique, humour, discipline, courage, self sufficiency and confidence."
James Fisher
I had a session today with Steve Munby, Chief Executive of the National College for School Leadership. Steve had come to Leeds to meet a small group of colleagues and to discuss our leadership challenges and our leadership development programmes. Steve led a really good session which brought together a very talented group of headteachers and Education Leeds colleagues. Steve listened and discussed our concerns and our challenges but focused on our collective opportunities and our potential as a learning leadership team. He explored system leadership in a Children's Services world and the key role coaches and mentors played for all headteachers. We agreed that we should work with the National College for School Leadership to develop a local offer around capacity building and nurturing the headteachers of the future.
Leadership is one of the most important keys to unlocking the potential and the talent in our schools and our communities... distributed leadership enables us to grow that talent and potential and to achieve so much more.

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Tony Deg said...

It is good to see someone leading by example, and making effective use of technology. The relaxed and informal nature of your blog certainly helps to bring you to life for people who know of you but may never meet you.

Of course if everyone starts blogging then there won't be time to read all of them in which case we have have to be selective about whose blogs we do read and therefore whose opinions we are listening to. Will we be able to identify inspirational leaders by the popularity of their blogs?