Friday, 23 February 2007

Another week, another opening...

I went to the official opening of the new BBC Media Centre at Primrose High School. The 'al-2-gether-now' project has been going for five years. It started at Shakespeare Primary School and is a community, family and school project which has grown and developed into something truly amazing thanks to Ashley Peatfield, Jan Spencer and other brilliant colleagues. The Media Centere is the latest element of the journey we have been on with 'al-2-gether-now' and will provide high quality support to young people, families and the community... and it's fantastic!

The highlight of the event was meeting some really inspiring young people. ls7 Results performed for the people who attended the Media Centre opening. They are a Leeds based arts group who are young, talented and doing brilliant work. You can contact them at they are not to be missed!

If you want to find out more about 'al-2-gether' now visit the BBC website at

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