Sunday, 18 February 2007

The real problem with breaks and holidays...

I don't know about you but whenever I have a break, I simply work through all the things I need to do, things I should be doing and things I haven't done. I create a huge list of things to do, things I have forgotten, things that have gone on the pending pile and have slipped to the bottom and things that are simply too difficult to deal with. This half-term has also given me a chance to sort things out and get back a sense of balance and order in my life.

I now need to survive until the next time I get some breathing space...


Pat said...

Not very healthy on three counts
- don't you need to be thriving through to Easter rather than surviving
- why are you doing this (and a lot of other blog contributions) at such an ungodly and unhealthy hour?
- what is the creativity quiotient of a list?

Here's a challange for you to address all of the above and much more fundamental issues besides. RELEARN HOW TO SLEEP A MINIMUM OF SIX HOURS A NIGHT. No-one will thank you for (nearly) getting all the jobs done. There is no reward for all the hours you put in.

Chris'Blog said...

Thanks for the care and concern... I am thriving by the way. I love my job and the fact I can't sleep is simply a bonus.

Pat said...

Please explain the bonus. I am really interested in the thought process that takes you to this view. For the record, don't confuse my response with care and concern. It was a serious learning challenge!

Let me explain. The empirical evidence is clear and consistent. A check earlier tonight on Google generated over 3m hits. From one of these I offer a view from some recently published research:
"It's intuitive that one might feel a little irritable, but to experience emotional spill over to the point of actually feeling less satisfied with work is a little surprising," says Brent Scott who goes on to say,
"sleep is necessary to restore and refresh the body and mind. But how it affects emotions and attitudes isn't clearly understood."
Sources: Scott, D. Journal of Management, October 2006 issue. News release, University of Florida.

Try it yourself and look at some of the other even more recent research. The evidence is overwhelming. You have the potential to thrive even more, to love and enjoy the job even more, to ensure that your body and mind have the ability to exceed even your own expectations. There may even be some spin-offs into your personal relationships.

So why persist with the status quo? What security or reward does it provide? What needs are fed?

Re-look at the initial response to the blog you posted. Surely someone who is really passionate about what they do should be expecting to thrive through to their next "alternative creative input" (holiday I mean) rather than survive as you expected from the posting.

Such relearning is what a close colleague describes as deep learning because it offers such a fundamental challenge to long established behaviours and attitudes. It would certainly challenge you to re-examine your leadership style and behaviours. It is likely to influence (positively) the development of the organisation you lead.

So, please explain as I am genuinely keen to learn and understand. Why is it a bonus that you can't sleep?

Oaf said...

I know what you mean about surviving through. It gets you like that sometimes.
Like Pat, I too am concerned about your lack of sleep.
When I cannot rest in the small hours, I try and engage Mrs Oaf in a little light entertainment. The resulting tirade of abuse and slap to the cranial region soon have me heading to the land of nod.
Perhaps some light reading might be of some assistance. I like to keep a well thumbed Trollope to hand in the bedroom.
Sleep is good though, and you need to keep your strength up.
I refer you to a previous comment about beer.
I love beer.

Pat said...

Beer could work. it could help with sleep as could some light reading and a bit of slap and tickle. Beer certainally has an impact on emotions and attitudes.

But............(you knew it was coming didn't you)

Will beer restore and refresh the body and mind? Dont get distracted now, stay focused. Will it sustain creativity? Will it sustain the passion and talent required from Egyptian quarry men? You, your comrade set and I should get together. CAMRA could pay a new scientist to observe the impact of beer on the three of us. But what about Chris.......