Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Someone asked me recently why I did this...

There are times when I ask myself the same question because, to be honest, I sometimes think I must be talking to myself. A colleague told me that that was no bad thing because at least that way you get intelligent conversations... However, to be serious, I need to know whether this is good use of my time and whether it is making any difference. The blog will go quiet over Easter but if you want it to start up again afterwards please let me know.
Have a great Easter break... remember it should be dark chocolate!


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, I found you by accident but love your blogs. I'm a keyworker in Leeds working with Young People in work without training trying to encourage them into some further learning.
After a day trawling for information about Leeds schools it was inspiring to find this blog full of enthusiasm and quirky wisdom. Many thanks at the end of a long working day. CC

Michael Peters said...


The power of a simply felt passion is incredible and motivates even the most cynical person to accomplish the most amazing feats. I think that we are enormously privileged to be part of a paradigm change in learning that will see families and communities at the heart of a new system. Already, you are establishing stronger communities of schools and are pushing at traditional boundaries of time, place, space, pace and power in learning. What is exciting is to see young people engaging in ways of learning that we only dreamt of. You are right; together with young people we can build brilliant learning places where all will achieve world class outcomes. Keep blogging!

Mike Peters

Zaimoku no ryuu said...

I came to visit your blog to catch up on the latest news and to pass on this quote....

"If you want one year of prosperity, grow seeds.
If you want ten years of prosperity, grow trees.
If you want one hundred years of prosperity, grow people."
Chinese proverb

... because I saw a common thread in it with your ideas; but my answer to your question is yes. I think it is worthwhile your continuing your blog. I know of half a dozen people working close by, who read your blog regularly, even if they have never left a comment, and I have heard others discussing entries at various times.

Chris'Blog said...

It's great to have some positive feedback about the blog.

Chris'Blog said...

Hi Mike,
We must meet up again. It would be brilliant to see you here in Leeds. If you ever fancy a coffee give me a ring.

Chris'Blog said...

Hi Z....
Thanks... what a great quote! I am grateful for the positive feedback about the blog... glad to know someone is reading it.

biggeoff said...

Passions can be lonely on occasions, yet we who have passions get up every morning believing that somehow or other we are changing the world (or perhaps just Leeds) for the better and that is what keeps us going when times get tough.
We still have some tough stuff do do in Leeds and your blog often inspires me and always challenges me - thanks Chris and please keep it up.

Peter Harris said...

Hi Chris,

Recently started reading your blog having been prompted to do so by Pat Toner. I think it is a worthwhile and interesting activity though I do wonder where you find the time. I am considering doing something similar through our new school learning platform to try to speak to and with parents and staff at a different level. I am already doing so with governors and it is proving very useful although, like you, I sometimes feel that I might be talking to myself. I actually know that I am not. Will it be sustainable? I think so, although I certainly don't have a bank of wise words upon which to draw...

I am excited however by the immediacy of the communication potential of the new learning platforms - for every teacher and other staff, not just me. Not sure that the title 'Learning Platform' is the right title for it in the primary phase - certainly not the way I expect it to develop in my school. It will be more of a 'hub' and a gateway into the school.

Anyway, if you feel you can, it is probably worth continuing with the blog, and your other messages, as they are interesting insights into your work and a way of us sharing in your networking. I like to hear what colleagues are doing across the city. I already often share your messages with senior colleagues - partly to put into some context the seemingly 'bizarre' ideas that I come up with! Others in the education system don't always understand or keep up with the changing educational landscape and you help paint, or at least sketch, that new vision for us.

Peter Harris
Farsley Farfield

Anonymous said...

Should you keep doing it?
Without a doubt, yes!
It helps keep us focused on why we're all doing what we're doing here at Education Leeds. That we're not just office workers, but office workers who genuinely make a difference to the lives of children and young people.

If I'm finding it difficult to stay motivated, I turn to your blog for an injection of enthusiasm :-)

Chris'Blog said...

Hi Peter,
I am impressed that you found the time to read my blog but encouraged that you think it is worth doing.

Anonymous said...

Please carry on Chris - I read your blog every day and get a lot from it.