Thursday, 28 June 2007

I started the day early at Shire Oak CE Primary School...

Mark Edwards and his team have done a wonderful job during their first year as Shire Oak CE Primary School. Mark wanted to show me some of the best of Shire Oak and I met a group of children who were brilliant adverts for the school; a confident, articulate, positive and wonderful group of young people who talked to me about all the things they were doing and the things they liked about their school.

I was also introduced to a fantastic project which involves five Leeds schools... 'Grow It, Cook It, Film It' involves children growing their own vegetables, cooking them and filming their work... the children filmed me in their garden talking with them and it was already loaded onto their site before I left the school... it was another little piece of magic!

All of our amalgamations have been interesting but this has been a real success and shown us what we can achieve with strong support from headteachers, staff and governors.

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