Friday, 15 June 2007

I went on to another amazing primary school...

Greenmount Primary School is a great school doing brilliant things. Jenny Wilde and her team are doing something very special... you only have to read the OfSTED Inspection Report to know that this is a wonderful little primary school. Jenny had arranged a tour of the school with Jordan, Kenal and Kamar; three of her fantastic young people from Year 6. I was entertained by the new choir who had apparently performed brilliantly last weekend at the Beeston Festival and Mela... they sang one of my favourites, 'Drop in the Ocean'. I also had tea and biscuits the School Council who told me everything I ever wanted to know about their school... from buddies to school dinners, from sport to literacy. It was a great afternoon...

What makes Greenmount Primary School such a brilliant school?
  • Jenny's strong, focused, committed and passionate leadership;
  • a hugely talented learning team;
  • clear vision, values and beliefs driving all aspects of the work of the school;
  • great teaching within a wonderful learning environment;
  • strong, positive and dynamic relationships;
  • high expectations of every child and the whole learning team; and
  • some talented, brilliant, gorgeous and wonderful young people!

Jenny and her learning team are doing a brilliant job and have created a fantastic learning environment for the children in a really great school.


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