Friday, 15 June 2007

I went on to 'The Store' at the West Park Centre. This was another example of Leeds at its best....

Clare Biggs, Paul Kaiserman and colleagues had organised a major showcase for the arts in schools. We all know that there is a wealth of high quality arts practice on offer to our schools and extended services. 'The Store' offered a market place providing a unique opportunity for colleagues to meet a huge variety of talented colleagues from were available to bring drama, dance, story telling, visual arts, sculpture and media into schools to enrich and enhance the offer we make to children and young people. This was an amazing event and Clare had also organised a series of short performances, taster workshops and seminars.

The arts and creativity lie at the heart of what we are doing in schools. They enrich and develop us in ways that little else can, and just walking around 'The Store' gave you so many brilliant ideas. If you missed it you missed something really special. It was fantastic!

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