Wednesday, 29 August 2007

I was reading all the publicity about new products, games and DVDs to keep your mind alert and active. The mind is similar to the muscles of the body: if you don't use it and give it a good workout every day, it will become flabby...

A flabby mind and flabby thoughts drain your energy and limit your actions and prevent you from being at your best and attaining all the things you want in life and at work. The first step is to understand once and for all that you, and only you, can create magic in your life. The second step to successful living is to learn how to be a winner.

The only limitations in your life are those that you set for yourself. We all know, because Lou Tice told us recently, that when you think without limits and have great dreams, wonderful things happen and powerful forces come into play. Anything you deeply believe you can achieve, you will achieve if you take persistent action in that direction. Keep your dreams at the front of your mind. Repeat them all day, every day and never, let go of them.

When you concentrate all your mental and physical energy on a single purpose, forces that you never knew you had are sparked into action. This is the secret of genius: finding what you love to do and then spending all your time doing it. As one wise person has said: once you find what you truly love doing, you will never have to work another day in your life.

People with far less than you have achieved great things. So what's stopping you being remarkable?

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