Wednesday, 29 August 2007

My Colleague, Anne Cowling who manages the Leeds Healthy School and Wellbeing Programme contacted me...

"We are extremely delighted to inform you that at least 58,501 young people have so far been recorded as being involved in the Be Healthy! Challenge this year, to 'do one thing well' - related to emotional health, physical activity or healthy eating. The Challenge ran from March through to July 07. Some schools/settings have not yet sent through information, so the figure is likely to be higher still. Last year the number was 40,000, so we are of course really pleased with this. Many schools got involved a second year round because they had such good fun last year, but we have captured more new schools/settings this year. We are also particularly delighted that the participation process in this social marketing campaign has been much more systemic in its approach this year. The challenge, the development of the toolkit, it's roll-out to schools through wedge based training events in March, the development of the website and the final celebration event in July were all devised & led by young people belonging to the Be Healthy! group, linking in with Youth on Health and the Youth Council. The Be Healthy! Campaign, co-ordinated by Isla Grayson, and linked in with the Feelgood Leeds campaign - is an excellent example of a participative social marketing campaign with schools, Early Years and Youth settings, supported by integrated service working, and goodwill from partners such as the Leeds Metropolitan University and the Leeds Rhinos. In the autumn we will be looking to evaluate the impact in a cross section of settings in terms of health behaviours, impact on school improvement and value for money. We will keep you updated ! We have a fantastic DVD which captures the essence of Be Healthy! for those who are interested in borrowing a copy. The young people Be Healthy! group are hoping to write a newsletter in the autumn term, and follow up with any questions that arose during the conference."
Anne and the team have had an incredible year and are probably the team of the year! It makes you wonder what they will do next... they are simply brilliant!

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