Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Do you know what makes a great colleague, a great teacher or a great coach?

Hilary Wilce in the TES on Friday had read the judges reports on the 70 odd winners of this year’s Teachers Awards. Her top tips are…

  • Like children. Really, really, really like children.
  • Respect children and expect great things from them.
  • Don’t stick slavishly to the National Curriculum.
  • Have a passion for what you are teaching.
  • Be really well organised.
  • Have a laugh.
  • Never take yourself, or anyone else, too seriously.

So what are the equivalents for a great colleague?

  • Like your colleagues.
  • Respect and trust your colleagues.
  • Be creative and imaginative.
  • Expect the best.
  • Be passionate and enthusiastic.
  • Be organised.
  • Have fun and enjoy yourself.


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