Wednesday, 5 September 2007

The meeting finished early so I went to the Elmete Centre...

I knew from the flurry of e-mails I have received from colleagues that the letters I sent to Primary Headteachers after my initial analysis of the Key Stage 2 results had caused some concerns. The Primary Advisers were concerned that I hadn't spoken to them about the results and the progress individual schools were making. I am sorry about that and that my letter has upset colleagues in schools... it was intended to be a way I could get into some schools where we need to understand the nature of the challenges they are facing.

I think that we are ALL increasingly aware of what works and how we can drive the standards agenda to maximise outcomes for all our children. I am really keen to visit schools where we have some interesting challenges and where progress hasn't been as we might have hoped or as we expected.

I will continue to challenge, ask the difficult questions and to occasionally put my foot in it!. We do need to strive to do better and to understand what works and how we can use all our resources to improve standards and outcomes.

Always remember that I am here to provide help and support wherever and whenever I can and that it's good to talk!

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