Thursday, 22 November 2007

Another award for our work!

A Leeds project that promotes deeper understanding between the city’s oldest and youngest citizens has won a major European award...

Leeds’s ‘Building Bridges’ has been nominated for a ‘Eurocities’ award and has been shortlisted alongside the cities of Oslo and Edinburgh. The winner will be announced at a judging ceremony in Poland on 23 November. ‘Building Bridges’ is a project that began in 2003 and over the years has brought pupils from over 20 primary schools together with members of around 15 older people’s voluntary organisations. Hundreds of youngsters and older people, have been involved. Groups of all ages meet in weekly sessions and, using a technique known as ‘Circle Time’ learn about each other as individuals, play games and share experiences, memories and aspirations for the future of their community. The scheme has been successful in helping school pupils and older people living in the same community develop a mutual understanding and overcome stereotyping. As a result, lasting relationships have been created that will break down barriers that exist between generations.

This is a brilliant initiative that started with Penny Vine's work at Oakwood Primary School and is speading across the city. Well done to everyone involved!

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