Friday, 23 November 2007

I spend a significant slice of the day with a group of young people from Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School, City of Leeds School, South Leeds High School and West Leeds High School...

As part of 11 MILLION Takeover Day, this group of young people, who had been nominated to represent their schools, spent the afternoon with the Education Leeds executive team. They had a brief tour of Merrion House, had lunch with the team and and shared their views and experiences, discussed solutions, and had the chance to ask lots of questions!

The young people were wonderful ambassadors for their schools and we discussed the following:
  • the environment, recycling and school meals;
  • bullying and anti-social behaviour;
  • the limitations of PFI buildings and contracts;
  • the challenges associated with merging secondary schools;
  • the importance of an attractive and stimulating learning environment;
  • positive behaviour, rewards and sanctions; and
  • school uniform.

We all enjoyed meeting these young people and have agreed to meet them again in March to review these issues.


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