Monday, 5 November 2007

My leadership approach has always been about optimism, enthusiasm, energy, courage, discipline and hard work but critically it is also about values and behaviours. We all need to check that we are signed up to a clear and shared vision of the future, and that we all continue to live by our agreed values and behaviours.

We have always said that we would:
· Put the interests of our children and young people first;
· Keep our promises and meet our deadlines;
· Get the important things right and work to add real value;
· Learn from our successes and from our mistakes;
· Continuously review and improve our services;
· Share our ideas, learning and good practice;
· Celebrate our individual, team and organisational successes;
· Work together and with partners as learning teams;
· Create a dynamic, innovative and fun learning environment;
· Develop partnership, openness and trust;
· Create a no-blame culture and encourage colleagues to take risks;
· Trust and empower colleagues to get on and do the job;
· Listen to each others ideas and concerns.

We must all understand and embrace the changes we now face, develop intelligent accountability and ensure that we are building relationships and networking, partnering and sharing at the heart of a new Children’s Services world. Our key task is to coach our colleagues to be unstoppable. So seize the day, be bold, be different, assume nothing, expect everything, be you and be unstoppable.


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